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    Get your product into cans!

    With so many new micro canning systems available how is a person to decide which canning system is right for them?


    This site is designed to provide information not only for canning with a Codi Canning System, but to provide basic research and tools to help decide whether or not purchasing a canning system is right for you.

    • Are you a brewery that wants to can? 
    • Is mobile canning your best option? 
    • Do you want to become a mobile packaging specialist, and start a mobile canning company? 
    • Or are you a brewery ready for an in house canning system? 
    • What is the difference between all the micro canners?

    These basic questions are the starting point for determining the right micro canning system for you. Whatever your packaging background the Craft Canning HQ has some info that will help you make the best decision for canning your beverage in aluminum cans.

  • Why Canning?

    Cans have many advantages over bottles, see why Here.

  • Quality Design

    All equipment and designs are engineered in house by our team of dedicated engineers.

    Quality Cleanability

    Built with 304 stainless steel and 3-A compliant components, allowing the ability to use caustics and run 180 degree water throughout all lines and tanks. 

    Quality Canning

    A quality product deserves a quality fill. With complete control of the fill process combined with counter pressure technology, the CCL-45 is a step above the rest.  

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