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    What kind of electrical, compressed air, and water requirements are required to run a canning system?

    For a canning line sized for 45 CPM a facility will need:

    • Electrical: 230V / 3Ph, 60 Hz, 25 Amps 
    • Compressed Air: 10 cfm at 110psi, clean dry air
    • Water: Access to standard fresh water

    What is the difference between Counter Pressure technology and others?

    Counter Pressure technology provides more consistent filling during tough product conditions such as high temperature and carbonation. Also counter pressure allows for lower dissolved oxygen pickup during the canning process.


    The benefits of counter pressure technology versus others can be found here.

    How should I clean the canning line?

    Running an effective CIP (Clean In Place) cycle with 180°F water and caustic with a Peracetic Acid to rinse and kill anything left by the caustic. Also contact time and recirculating chemicals is a major part to keeping a clean canning line.

    How does Cans Per Minute (CPM) compare to Barrels?

    There are 330 12oz cans in one barrel of beer.

    Is a Depalletizer necessary for a canning system?

    Adding a depalletizer to most canning lines running 30CPM or faster is suggested. Also an Automated Can Depalletizer will reduce labor cost while increasing production.

    How many operators does my canning line require?

    Typically a micro canning system can be run with about 3-5 employees depending on depalletizing and pack equipment purchased.

    Can I get a label applicator and or date code printer that integrates easily with my canning line?

    Most companies will help point you in the right direction if they don't already have a partner they currently work with.

    What options are out there for mobile canning?

    The CCL-45 Canning System can come on wheels and be taken mobile without special modification.

    How much space is required for a mobile canning system?

    Filler and Seamer dimension are 2’-10” Wide x 7’ Long

    What is the weight of the canning line?

    The Craft Can Filler and Seamer weighs roughly 1,200lbs. This is due to the stainless steel frame construction and industrial components.

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