• Aluminum Beverage Can Depalletizer

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    Equipment Requirements:

    • 230VAC 3 phase, 60Hz, 23FLA
    • Compressed air must be clean and dry
    • 4 SCFM @ 90 psi minimum

    Quick Facts:

    • Multiple Conveyor Discharge Configurations Available
    • 4-chain electric hoist with variable frequency drive with counter weight
    • Stainless Steel Can Guides
    • Reflective Sensors for can height recognition
    • Vacuum Style Pick-up Assembly incorporated into the sweep Arm
    • Automatic layer sheet management
  • Key Features

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    Automatic Layer Sheet Management

    Dealing with layer sheets can be a hassle. The DPL-250 comes with layer sheet stacking at no extra cost. Utilizing pneumatic and mechanical operations layer sheet are removed and neatly stacked for quick and easy returns to the can supplier. 

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    Integrated Can Single Filer

    Single filing cans out of the depalletizer is an important step. Getting the cans into a single file line is important to the cleaning process just before filling.