• Craft Beverage Can Filler and Seamer

  • Craft Beverage Filler

    Counter Pressure Filler


    • Product Sizes
      • Standard Beverage Can, 202/211 (12oz, 16oz, 19.2oz, 375mL, 500mL)
      • Sleek Can, 202/204 (7.5oz, 12oz)
      • Slim Can, 200/202 (187mL, 250mL)
    • Production Rate
      • Up to 50 Cans per Minute
      • Up to 137 Cases per Hour
      • Up to 9.82 Barrels per Hour
    • Construction
      • 304 stainless steel of surfaces that contact product
      • 3A Rated Components
      • Tri-Clover fittings at all connections
    • Power Requirements - Filler & Seamer
      • 230V / 3Ph, 60Hz, 25Amps
    • Compressed Air Requirements
      • 10 cfm @ 110 psi

    Single Head Seamer


    • Patent Pending container positive positioning design that increases throughput.
    • Cans are timed with feed screw to complete every step of the seaming process exactly the same for every can
    • Seamer is faster than the filler meaning no bottlenecks 
    • All seaming components are mechanically engaged. This leads to better, more consistent seams and lower air consumption versus pneumatic driven seamers.