• Ionized Air Can Rinser

    Be green, go waterless!

  • What is Ionized Air Can Cleaning?

    Cleaning your can at the subatomic level.


    Ionize - Verb

    To convert an atom, molecule, or substance into an ion or ions, typically by removing one or more electrons.

    How it Works

    1. Cans are lined up single file, and as it moves the can is inverted open end down
    2. Cans are then passed across the cleaning assembly consisting of a series of Ionizing Nozzles and Vacuum Sections.
    3. The ionized air neutralizes the static charge of the container releasing any particles stuck to the ca
    4. When the particles are released, the vacuum sections then retrieve any particles released from inside the container. 

    Waterless Container Cleaning

    Water is one of the finite resources we have on our planet. Saving water is essential and utilizing Ionized Air Can Cleaning helps our effort to make sure that water is not being used when it is not necessary. Also, saving water saves both energy and money.

    Eliminate Flavor Transfer

    Rinsing cans out with sanitized water before filling is common practice. This process ensures the safety of consumers by removing any contaminants, unfortunately small amounts of water remains in the can prior to filling. These trace amounts of sanitized water can leave un-desired off-flavors in beverages. Going waterless and utilizing Ionized Air instead eliminates this problem.

  • Ionized Air Beverage Can Rinser Key Features

    Save water and money!

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    • Ionized Air Filtration: 1st stage, 5.0 Micron
    • Compressed Air Usage: 4.0 SCFM @ 35PSI 
    • Clean cans with high pressure Ionized Air
    • Improved consistency and quality of cleaning.
    • Eco-friendly water conservation.
    • Eliminate residual water issues during canning.
    • Reduce sanitation and maintenance requirements.