• Beverage Can Twist Rinse

    Properly Cleaning Cans

  • Twist Rinse Key Features

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    Twist Rinse

    • Heavy duty 5/8" stainless steel half round construction.
    • Quick change infeed and discharge twists for rapid can size changes.
    • Adjustable top rail for multiple can sizes.
    • Can handle 108,000 cases per hour, or 1,600 cans per minute.
    • Stainless steel spray manifold and housing.
  • The gravity twist rinse trackwork or cage orients aluminum cans into position to rinse and clean prior to filling. Each Twist Rinse is supplied with a integrated drip pan to capture over-spray and rinse water. Can Rinsers can clean beverage cans with water or de-ionized air depending on the application and customer preference.