• Advantages of the Aluminum Beverage Can

    Cans don't Break

    Go Explore

    You can take them to parks, camping, sporting events... Anywhere!

    Aluminum cans are light weight and unbreakable.

    Cans Are Environmentally Friendly

    Be Green

    Aluminum cans are 100% recyclable.

    Of all aluminum ever produced, 75% is still in use today.

    Aluminum cans are made of 68% recycled material.

    Cans Keep Harmful Light Out

    Lights Out

    Light and Oxygen are the biggest enemy to the shelf life of beverages. By keeping the light out, aluminum cans preserve carbonation and flavor longer.

    Cans are Better for Branding and Sales

    Make Money

    Since aluminum cans have 360 degrees of brand-able space, large eye-catching designs can be used to attract more sales.

    Aluminum cans also stack very well, this gives stores the ability to put more product on the shelves.

    Cans Ship Better Than Bottles

    Save Money

    Offering more product distribution in the same amount of space, aluminum cans have a 15% freight savings over bottles. On a typical trailer, 2,045 cases of cans will fit versus 1,250 cases of bottles.